The future of recycling technology starts with Glacier
Sorting robots for every recycling facility and every line.
Intelligent sorting you can trust Proprietary robotic design that picks and sorts with high precision
Cutting-edge AI that accurately identifies anything a human can
Highest ROI robot. Guaranteed. Innovative, compact design for easy installation with minimal retrofits
Up to 60% more affordable than competitors
Pay back in as little as 1 year
Proven performance 45 picks per minute achieved in real recycling facilities, not just the lab
Sorts 30+ different materials, including black plastic, thermoform, PET, HDPE, aluminum, aseptic containers, and more
2021 Best Circular Economy Technology
Inaugural Cohort Member
Transform your facility
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WE'RE HERE TO END WASTE We started Glacier to realize the massive impact that waste management can have on climate change and environmental conservation. Today, 50% of recyclables in the US end up in landfill. By increasing recycling, we reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. We also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by supplying more recycled feedstock for manufacturing and in turn enabling more energy-efficient manufacturing processes.
Glacier's ultimate vision is to drive a circular economy – worth 10 billion tons in global greenhouse gas reductions.
50% US recyclables sent to landfill today
480M Tons of CO2 that can be prevented in 2030 via recycling
20% Global greenhouse gas reduction by transitioning to a circular economy
JOIN US Based in San Francisco, CA, Glacier is on a groundbreaking journey to end waste – starting with recycling robotics, and with even more ambitious plans on the horizon. We're looking for bright and passionate teammates to join us. Apply now to our open roles
Generational impact We're solving two of the highest-stakes problems in the world, impacting generations to come: waste and climate change.
Freedom to be you Bring your whole self to work. We work hard and move fast, but we still leave plenty of time to just be people together, with laid-back team dinners, group pottery sessions, Nintendo Switch competitions, and more.
New challenges, every day Our work is complex and ever evolving. How can we quickly, accurately, and consistently identify a plastic bottle, when it can come in 10,000 different shapes? Now repeat that for 50+ material classes.
First-class investors We're backed by first-class investors and industry leaders, including New Enterprise Associates, former GE CEO Jeff Immelt, and former Uber CPO Manik Gupta.
Top-flight team Surround yourself with talented, creative teammates. We come from Facebook, Google, Pratt & Whitney, Bain, BCG, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, and more.